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言葉 評価 : 4.7 (評価数 : 10,167
Japanese Dungeon: Learn J-Word
価格 : 無料  アプリサイズ : 32M

 情報取得日 : 2021/10/22
開発者 :
動作条件 : 4.1 以上
ダウンロード数 : 100,000以上
バージョン : 1.0.9
ストア更新日 : 2019/11/18


※ We highly recommend this game for people as below!
People who are interested in J-Pop.
People who want to watch Japanese drama without subtitles.
People who have given up after studying Japanese for a while.
People who plan to go on a trip to Japanese.
People who play Japanese Game.

Please, don’t feel difficulties to studying Japanese is difficult.
You can make it, if you keep trying it and reading it.

  • 日本人がやるとローマ字練習アプリになるぞ
  • 日本語の勉強には丁度いいのかもしれない。 (Maybe it's just good for learning Japanese.)
  • I think this is the best and really fun way to learn hiragana and others, i hope i can travel to japan and even find a job there hahahaha. Hopefully someday i can repay you guys for your helpful job. Arigato! :)
  • Hi,I'm Japanese. This is fun but has some mistakes in LV1. zu is ず. du is づ。
  • いいね!
  • すごい!
  • Very good!
  • hella useful
  • 素晴らしい
  • good
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