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写真 評価 : 4.0 (評価数 : 1,579
Simply HDR
価格 : 310円  アプリサイズ : 56M

 情報取得日 : 2021/10/16
開発者 :
動作条件 : 4.4 以上
ダウンロード数 : 50,000以上
バージョン : 3.1001
ストア更新日 : 2020/12/24


Turn your photo in a vibrant HDR with unparalleled ranges of light and detail

Simply HDR is an incredibly powerful HDR tool that instantly creates stunning imagery from otherwise bland subjects and compositions.

Have you ever looked at a well-executed HDR photo with a dramatic sky and wish you could take a shot like that? Now you can! With Simply HDR you can produce an outstanding picture with a maximized range of dynamic light and detail. Gone are the days of combining multiple images, we do it for you! With Simply HDR you can create your own stunning imagery using a single picture from your photo library, the end result will be an outstanding picture that’s captivating, mesmerizing, revealing and beautifully detailed. It is also user-friendly for both professional and amateur photographers.

  • Nice
  • すごい いい感じ
  • セーブできない
  • 手軽で楽しい 手軽にHDR風の写真に仕上がる。
  • 楽しい! 普通の写真がとても面白い絵になります。もう少し動きが早ければ満点!
  • スマホ画質が悪い スマホです!画質が悪すぎます!改善お願いします。
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