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Japanese Lao Dictionary
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 情報取得日 : 2018/12/18
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動作条件 : 2.2 以上
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バージョン : 1.0
ストア更新日 : 2013/8/23


It is a dictionary that put together Japanese Lao Dictionary and Laos Japanese Dictionary. We have compiled it so that both Japanese and Laos can use it. The entry word has about 13000, and attached many example sentences. Pronunciation notation for Japanese uses Roman alphabetical phonetic symbols to allow Laotian pronunciation correctly. The pronunciation notation for Lao language adopted a new pronunciation symbol based on the sound of Japanese, making the tone easy to understand. At first, although it may not start, I think that I can get pronounced more accurately than Katakana notation, accustomed soon. A Lao beginner Japanese can not read the example sentences Lao, but I think that you should read only the Japanese part at the beginning in order to use correct vocabulary. Please download detailed specifications from

  • 日本語\u0026lt;\u003d\u0026gt;ラオス語辞典 元の辞書も良く出来ているが、このソフトもかなり親切な設計になっている。
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