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アーケード 評価 : 4.0 (評価数 : 813
Element Defense Lite
価格 : 無料  アプリサイズ : 7.9M

 情報取得日 : 2018/5/25
開発者 :
動作条件 : 1.6 以上
ダウンロード数 : 100,000以上
バージョン : 1.0.9
ストア更新日 : 2012/4/16


Element Defense is a tower defense game with an elemental setting. Build melee, range and wizard towers to defeat incoming creeps. Destroy elemental creeps to unleash the power of elementals. Call a dragon for help on hard waves. Gain XP by playing and purchase XP-upgrades (in full version). Survive in a land of myth, a time of magic and a threat of mighty creatures.

Element Defense Lite is the free version of Element Defense. Difference: It is limited to one single map and one difficulty. You can play the full game for one map, i.e. defeat creep waves up to level 50. However, the free version is also limited to 2 elemental types (earth and air), i.e. you cannot upgrade to fire, water and darkness tower types. And you cannot buy permanent tower upgrades from gained xp-points as in full version.

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