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教育 評価 : 3.9 (評価数 : 25,161
Fairy Salon
価格 : 無料  アプリサイズ : 46M

 情報取得日 : 2019/3/24
開発者 :
動作条件 : 2.3 以上
ダウンロード数 : 1,000,000以上
バージョン : 1.0
ストア更新日 : 2013/9/12


Once upon a time, three little fairies lived happily in a dreamlike forest far away, they were Flora, Lucia and Violeta……
Hundreds of years later, for the first time, they leave their homeland and fly to this city, for they heard a grand fairy party will be held here, at the end of this June!
They are so excited and curious about the big party because they never took part in such kind of activity. Though they have the miraculous beauty, perfect face and neat figure, they do not know how to make up and dress up, they are afraid of being outdated and laughed by other fashionable fairies.

  • すごい
  • あの…
  • いいね   楽しい♪けど妖精ばっかりでつまんない……髪の毛とか洗えるのは最高!オススメかな・・・
  • あむい
  • うーん…(。\u003eд\u003c)
  • はまってます
  • いいんじゃない
  • たたたたたたたたたたのしい!
  • とっても、楽のしいです。
  • m(・ω・m)
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