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カスタマイズ 評価 : 4.6 (評価数 : 4,134
Season Zen HD
価格 : 220円  アプリサイズ : 17M

 情報取得日 : 2018/4/24
開発者 :
動作条件 : 4.0 以上
ダウンロード数 : 100,000以上
バージョン :
ストア更新日 : 2017/4/16


Season Zen HD is an Editor's Choice on Google Play! Bring your phone to life with this serene 3D battery friendly live wallpaper.

Season Zen includes Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter themes - four wallpaper themes for the price of one! Celebrate Easter with the customizable Easter egg patterns. Now with many new improvements, including time of day support, auto camera pan, enchanted forest Maple, Autumn, and Winter themes, birds, butterflies, snowmen, tons of customization, and more.

Sunlight filters through swaying trees in a peaceful park, as cherry blossoms float past. A birds nest perched in a branch overlooks a park bench, gently flowing brook, butterflies, and blooming flowers. Choose from hundreds of egg combinations, including Easter eggs, or hide the nest and egg altogether!

  • Fantastic! But, please move it to SD if possible. internal space is quite limited for me, thanks.
  • とてもキレイですね。 卵はかえらないのかな? 桜とカエデ以外にも欲しいですね。
  • いやはや美しい。無料版から有料へ乗り換え。100円なら払う価値あるでしょっ!お布施の気持ちも込めてポチッ♪
  • 綺麗です
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